Poster room 3: Ecosystem functioning (click on the posters for a close-up)

Tadhg Ó Corcora, Thorsten Reusch:

Ecosystem functioning, services and food web effects of restored versus natural seagrass beds (SeaStore)

Maité Guignard, Eileen Heße, Kim Ludwig, Raquel Marques, Anja Singer:

Inter-specific linkages between taxonomic groups (BioWeb)

Frane Madiraca, Nicole Smialek:

Ecosystem Assessment of the Western Baltic Sea (balt_ADAPT)

Nik Probst, Caspar Kraan, Hermann Neumann, Antje Gimpel, Vanessa Stelzenmüller:

Ecosystem functions & processes (MuSSeL)

Markus Steinkopf, Natalie Loick-Wilde:

Functional biodiversity of the food webs in the Odra and Elbe estuaries (BluEs)